Around the Hotel


Green Hotel is located in Vergiate, on the border between Lombardy and Piedmont in a strategical position not only for the ones travelling for business, but interesting also for leisure purposes and for the beautiful landscapes and point of interest located all around.

The hotel is also located in the middle of Ticinum Park, between lakes and the river Ticinum.

From one side Comabbio lake is very close and offers a very nice bike way that connects with Varese lake. The Maggiore lake the other big attraction of the area, with its landscapes and beautiful town from Arona, Stresa, Verbania, Cannero and Cannobbio up to Locarno (CH), and on the other side, Angera, Laveno and Luino with their attractions.

The area is also well known for its sports attractions especially for golf lovers (Golf dei Laghi in Travedona and Golf Calstelconturbia in Agrate Conturbia) and also for horse riding there are several places.

Maggiore lake is in the middle of a large green area which is a mix of hills and small mountains ideal for trekking.

Shopping is one of the other activity that you can do in the area, thanks to the big mall of the area including Violungo (a real shopping village just 1 hour far from the hotel), and the famous Fox Town (CH) where you can buy the most important Italian and international brands .

If you choose Green Hotel you will find a complete venue offering ospitality at 4 star, business opportunity, nature and quietness, sport and shopping!

The Rocca d’Angera

La Rocca di AngeraOn a spur of rock overlooking the Southern shore of the Lago Maggiore towers the magnificent Rocca, a castle once belonging to the Visconti family and today the Borromeo family. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the majestic, historic rooms that are now home to an extraordinary collection of Maiolica (Italian tin-glazed pottery). You may pass through the five different buildings in the castle, admiring the paintings and furniture in the different rooms: Sala del Buon Romano (Hall of the Good Roman), della Mitologia (of Mythology), delle Cerimonie (of Ceremonies), di San Carlo (of San Carlo), dei Fasti Borromeo (of Borromeo’s Pomp). You can also visit the Museum of Dolls and Toys, the biggest in Europe! You can then exit into the open air and take a stroll through the medieval gardens, rich in symbolic meaning where, according to the sages of ancient times, “medicinal plants live alongside ornamental ones, nurtured according to precise rules and order, so as to recreate the idea of a lost paradise on Earth”. MORE INFORMATION

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

L'eremo di Santa Caterina del SassoArt and history are the best ways to enjoy a trip to Stresa. It’s precisely here that these elements merge seamlessly in the most striking of natural frames, as if they were a balcony leaning out towards Stresa and the islands. The church has a truly unique structure, the fusion of three chapels, originally built separately in three different eras, and is adorned with frescos dating from between the 14th and the 19th centuries. The bell tower, dating back to the 14th century, can also be reached by a new elevator built into the rock: 51 metres high, connected to a horizontal exit tunnel that comes out onto a panoramic view of Lago Maggiore. This is definitely a unique and comfortable way to admire the Hermitage and the countryside! MORE INFORMATION


Shopping a MIlanoThe hotel is immersed in nature and is surrounded by marvellous countryside. Those who love beauty will know how to appreciate it in all its forms, even in the realms of fashion and design.
If, after walking around, boat trips and relaxation, you want to make use of your stay on the lake to do some shopping, Milan is just a short drive or train-ride away, so let yourself be charmed by its beautiful shops. Without a doubt, there are many areas where you can find your preferred style: from the luxury of Milan’s boutique shopping district to the international chains between San Babila and via Torino, to the more alternative styles and less well-known brands in Corso Ticinese and Corso Como. For a multi-brand overview, must-visit areas are the historic Rinascente in Piazza Duomo, with its extremely rich design department and the newer Excelsior Milano in the Galleria del Corso. MORE INFORMATION

Villa Taranto

Villa TarantoIn Verbania, in 1931, the Scottish Captain Neil Mc Eachern decided to buy the Marchesa di Sant’Elia property to transform it into a prototypical British garden. And today this garden charms its visitors with thousands of different plants coming from every corner of the world. The herbarium, with its 43 display cases containing real flowers from the United Kingdom, the Fontana dei putti (fountain with angels) decorated with multi-coloured flowers, the Dahlie maze, with more than 1700 plants, the Victoria Greenhouse and the Vertical gardens: visit them and experience the incredible aromas. MORE INFORMATION

Centovalli-Valle Vigezzo train

centovalliThis is the historical little blue train that crosses the Vigezzo Valley and the Swiss territory of Centovalli, linking the city of Domodossola with Locarno. The railway line was created in the early 20th century and crosses 52km of charming countryside, with forests, uninhabited mountains, rivers, waterfalls, 83 bridges and 31 tunnels. A different way of immersing yourself in nature, in total relaxation, being able to look around without having to keep your eyes on the road, letting yourself fall under the spell of the colours and light of the natural world. . MORE INFORMATION


zermattWith miles of pistes in winter and miles of walking paths in Summer, Zermatt is considered the mountaineering capital and encapsulates everything Switzerland. Small, well looked after, no cars (cars must be parked outside the town which can then be reached by train), surrounded by mountains, it is a real gem where you can meet mountaineering enthusiasts and tourists who appreciate the town’s romantic corners, lively bars and cafés.
A trip to this city will make your stay even more fascinating! MORE INFORMATION

Trip to Svitzerland

escursioni-svizzeraThere is so, so much unspoilt nature to discover, all the shades of green and blue and various small towns, rich in tradition and culture: Switzerland is really just a few kilometres away and it is always a pleasure to go and explore it. You can visit its lakes, mountains, take a trip to discover its castles, like those in the city of Bellinzona, or take a stroll through one of its beautiful cities. If you love to hike and climb, from Spring through to Autumn, Switzerland offers you many trails and peaks to discover. Alternatively, if skiing is your passion, its mountains are among the most popular in the world. MORE INFORMATION